The advantage of PetCooler product compared to other products of the same purpose is that the PetCooler products are made of fabric and filled with water crystals.

If your pet (dog or cat) bite through PetCooler scarf or blanket it is no risk of leaking the filling material as another products made of plastic material and filled with gel.
In addition, the dog or cat is more comfortable to lie on the fabric than on the plastic materials.


is a practical overheating dog protection in a form of a fashion detail to be worn around the neck.

Thanks to a simple preparation for use by soaking it in water for 20-some minutes, and the cooling effect that keeps for hours afterwards, the Cooling Bandana is appropriate for an all-day use, particularly while walking, on the beach, in housing with no air conditioning etc.

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Protects your dog from overheating.
Provides the feeling of freshness and comfort.

Appropriate for use in all situations where your dog stays still.

Being lightweight, easily transferable, the Cooling Mat is practical for all areas and situations (apartment, house, yard, travel).

The Cooling Mat is available in sizes for small and medium-sized breeds. For large breeds, two mats can be adjusted to serve the purpose of one.


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Designed to protect the Cooling Mat from staining.

Specific maintenance conditions of the PetCooler Cooling Mat are necessary in order to keep the efficiency of its filling (crystals). The Cooling Mat is not to be machine washed nor dry in a bright light and heat source. By using the Cooling Mat Cover the need for cleaning of the Mat is diminished, which adds to its longevity. 

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