The advantage of PetCooler product compared to other products of the same purpose is that the PetCooler products are made of fabric and filled with water crystals.

If your pet (dog or cat) bite through PetCooler scarf or blanket it is no risk of leaking the filling material as another products made of plastic material and filled with gel.
In addition, the dog or cat is more comfortable to lie on the fabric than on the plastic materials.


Vodeni kristaliPetCooler products are designated for a simple, efficient and practical protection of your dog from overheating in summer months.

They are made of fabric filled with the water crystals having the capacity of soaking the water and keeping it within.

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Rizične slupine za toplotni udarIf your dog has any of the below traits, it falls in some of the risk groups for thermal shock.


Therefore during summer months it needs careful implementation of all the protective measures against thermal shock!

  • Dogs previously experiencing thermal shock.
  • Very young and very old dogs.

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Psi i vrućina As opposed to humans, dogs have to carry their fur coat all year long, and although helpful during winter, it is a nuisance in summer months.


The normal body temperature of dogs is 38.5°C, higher than in humans, and contributing to problematic endurance of heat.

Since dogs’ cooling system remains limited, based primarily ond panting, with sweating reduced on a smaller paws’ surface, they need help to overcome dangers of sunstroke and thermal shock.

Panting is a fast superficial breathing with the frequency of 200-400x per minute, while the dog increases the volume of inhaled air from 2 to 50 liters. While panting, the dog primarily enhales through the nose, and exhales through the mouth, while evaporation is conducted via the nasal mucosa.

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